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Volcanes Micro-lot

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Micro-lot coffee from Antigua Guatemala.



Producer: Estuardo Falla Castillo
Region: Antigua Guatemala
Variety: Bourbon
Elevation: 1450-1675 m.a.s.l.
Prep: Fully washed and sundried.
Character: Chocolate sweetness and body with a raspberry acidity. 
 Entre Volcanes, is a beautiful farm located in San Miguel Dueñas, Antigua Guatemala. It is a high altitude farm, that produce 100% Genuine Antigua Coffee, brand San Miguel, exported to United States and Japan, mainly.
The farm became a coffee plantation in the early 50’s; it belongs to Falla Castillo Family. It was founded by Don Arturo Falla Cofiño, who worked as coffee grower in his farm, around 30 years. At the end of 80’s, Mr. Estuardo Falla Castillo continues the family tradition, praticing the knowledge acquired from his father, and in- novating with new technology.
Besides coffee, they produce other products, such as: Poinsettias, Macadamia, Orchids, and Bromelias.
At Entre Volcanes, it’s important the quality, from the seed to the bags. They have wet and dry mill process, and all the coffee is sun dried in patios. The combination of microclimate, soil and the quality process makes of this an exceptional and unique coffee.
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