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Light, airy and full of movement, Sheer finishes perfectly clean after a mouth full of complexity. Currently: Rwanda Kigeyo

There is good complexity and there is bad complexity. Algebra equations being the bad kind, Sheer is the good kind. At Elemental, we prefer to think of it as transparency through the complexity. Sheer is, indeed, a complex coffee. But the flavors, ohhh … the flavors, are so very discernable.
Current Bean
This season's Sheer comes from a washing station in Rwanda called Kigeyo.  The washing station is 1900 meters above sea level, but the coffee comes from hillsides another 200 meters up.  The people who pick this coffee are each given a chart to compare the cherries to.  They strategically pick the reddest, ripest cherries, and deliver the sweetest coffee possible.  We love this coffee in a Hario V60.  You might taste cherry and chocolate, and you'll undoubtedly be impressed by the body of this Rwanda.

12 Ounce
* Grind


2.5 Pound
* Grind


5 Pound