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Ethiopia Hachira

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Delicately complex mixed heirloom varieties from Gedeo, Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia.



Hachira is the 90+ selection from Gedeo, Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia.  This mix of heirloom varieties is grown between 1700-2000m altitute.  Boasting an incredible complexity, Hachira is sweet, balanced, and juicy with elderberry, blackberry, floral and herbal notes. From the company who brought us our 2011 Tchembe, “Ninety Plus is in a constant state of change.  We fight the resistance and reject the status quo.  We embrace the remarkable and reward risk takers.  We are coffee farmers and producers, filling the void between estate and roaster with the barista and consumer in mind.”  At Elemental we share this drive to push the boundaries of what is possible for the coffee industryand we value the relationship that brings the best coffees in the world to our customers.
*This coffee is roasted weekly on Tuesdays.  All orders made through the website will be roasted the following Tuesday and ship on Wednesday to insure the freshness this bean merits.


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