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Esmeralda Geisha

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Esmeralda Boquete 100% Geisha from the celebrated Hacienda Esmeralda farm in Boquete, Panama.



This Geisha is from the reknowned Peterson farm  La Hacienda Esmeralda.. In each cup, you will find a complexity that is clean and gives up honeysuckle, a balanced acidity, and a great floral quality.  As the coffee cools it gets sweeter and grows in complexity.  Esmeralda is a rich example of a memorable and inspiring varietal that can change the way you approach coffee and every enthusiast must experience what is heralded as the best coffee on the planet earth.
 *This coffee is roasted weekly on Tuesdays.  All orders made through the website will be roasted the following Tuesday and ship Wednesday.



8 ounes


2.5 Pounds


5 Pounds