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Purusha Reserve

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In Hindu philosophy, Purusha means pure consciousness. It represents our true identity... only better! Currently: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idido



Superlatives in coffee are difficult to come by and even more difficult to categorize. We are surreptitiously adding the "Reserve" moniker to some of our coffees in order to offer more than one coffee that would fit a specific description. In this case, Purusha at the highest levels is our Purusha Reserve and though it has all the same characteristics of any of our Purusha, it is a coffee that stands out even among the company of coffee we keep.


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Long time drinkers of Elemental Coffee may recall Idido Misty Valley, a favorite from years ago.  The Idido cooperative is made up of coffee from 1,044 small holder farms located in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, just about 35km from Dilla, all processed together.  This coffee is filled with blueberry, apple, and lemon notes with a sweet milk chocolate on the finish.  You can always rely on Purusha Reserve to give you the finest natural processed coffees, and Idido is certainly no acception. 
12 ounce


2.5 pound
* Grind


5 pound
* Grind