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Ecuador Lucas Vera Micro-lot

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Micro-lot from Vilcabamba Southern Ecuador

 Ecuador Lucas Vera Micro-lot

The Lucas Vera micro-lot is a very clean and balanced coffee. The aroma is floral and bright. You will find a nutty note with a light body and a pleasant citrus acidity. All of this is held together by chocolate and caramel. Lucas Vera is an excellent quality coffee in the most classical sense.
The farm is located in Vilcabamba, Loja which lies in southern Ecuador. With a mix of typica and caturra, the coffee is grown at 1600 meters above sea level. The coffee is fully washed and sundried.
One of the things that make the Lucas Vera so special is its country of origin.  Ecuador exports a fraction of the green coffee that other coffee producing countries will each year. This is not for lack of potential since Ecuador is an exotic location with a great climate that is perfect for growing coffee. The quality of this special lot is a sign of the potential that Ecuador has to be a great coffee producing country.
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