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Congo Sopacdi Cooperative

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Fully-washed arabica coffee from Eastern Kivu Democratic Republic of Congo.

 It is always a pleasure to have great tasting coffees that also have a great story. The Sopacdi Cooperative coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo is definitely one of those coffees.  Sopacdi  is made up of 3600 farmers from different ethnic groups in the Kivu Eastern District of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The cooperative is Fair Trade certified and is in the process of organic certification. Sopacdi’s coffee promotes reconciliation between ethnic groups, bringing people together to work and promote practical ways to move forward. Through a history of civil war and on-going conflict the Sopacdi Cooperative has given small producers and families much more stability.

In the cup you will find a great smooth body, molasses, and a lemon acidity.  The finish is clean with milk chocolate and lavender. 

To learn more about the Sopacdi Cooperative and their work in the Democratic Republic of Congo visit their website here:  www.sopacdi .com
12 ounces


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