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Colombia Milciades Golondrino

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The first of four coffees from the Las Mingas Project!

Over the next few months, we will be bringing you four spectacular coffees from the Las Mingas Project in Colombia.  The Las Mingas Project started in 2004 to provide a way for small lots of coffee that achieve the highest taste scores to be sold at a premium price as micro-lots.

 The first of these outstanding coffees is brought to us from a farm called El Bohio in Palestina, Colombia where Milciades Golondrino works two hectares of coffee plantations with his four children.  This coffee is washed and then sun-dried on beds with parabolic covers.  In the cup, we taste lemonade, honey, and a nice nutty, chocolate finish.  This is a coffee that will both astound you in a French press and knock your socks off in a pourover.

12 ounces
* Grind

2.5 lbs

5 pound